OMBRA Solar Pergola


OMBRA Pergola, as the global pioneer in introducing solar pergolas, is committed to revolutionizing outdoor living by seamlessly integrating modern intelligence with green leisure. Covering aspects such as nature, environmental sustainability, intelligence, luxury, health, and comfort, OMBRA aims to truly realize the ideal outdoor lifestyle right at your doorstep.

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About this product


Eco Sunlight rooms are the best expression of technology in the field of sunshades, able to combine design, comfort and exceptional sustainability qualities, allowing to reduce the environmental impact of outdoor living, but also the polluting processes, result of emissions and energy consumption. OMBRA solar pergolas with adjustable solar panel blades are cutting-edge structures, designed following the principles of bioclimatic architecture, that support the well-being of the individual and of the surrounding landscape, constantly searching for natural bright and thermic comfort.

The cover with adjustable solar panel blades of this model uses indeed elements such us sunlight, wind and air recirculation to obtain the best weather conditions to enjoy the space of the OMBRA solar pergola all year round. All this thanks to a fully automated control, functional optional and a high quality design making the structure suitable for any use.

Indoors and outdoors meet and merge in the unique structure of the pergola. An open but sheltered space, immersed but protected, where you can experience contact with the surrounding landscape without limits: at any time of day or year, even in high temperatures or bad weather.

Product specification:

  • Solar-integrated Louvers with Insulation Coating
    (0°-120°) – Patented (1.65KW)
  • The sunshade blades with solar panel
  • System 12mm Ultra-Clear Insulated Tempered
    Glass Sliding Doors
  • Whole house intelligent operating system
  • Highly Efficient 14.4 kWh/day PV Energy Storage
  • Hidden intelligent air conditioning
  • Micro-Water Mist for Air Conditioning Plus
  • Smart Multi-coloured Lighting Control System
  • Invisible Sun-Shade Blinds For Sun Protection And Heat Insulation


Additional information


(D)6m X (W)4m X (H)2.6m, (D)4m X (W)4m X (H)2.6m


4m x 4m, 6m x 4m

Solar panel & battery

Include, None


Aluminium, Glass