Horizon LED 2.5m Square Parasol with Granite Base Stand


Parasol Dimensions: Height (from end of spokes to ground): 218cm | Height (from top centre point of parasol to ground): 263cm | Width: 247cm | Depth: 247cm
Weight: 9.7kg

Stand Dimensions: Length: 45cm | Width: 45cm | Height: 12cm
Weight: 40 Kg

About this product


This bundle includes a 10% discount on both our stunning Horizon 2.5m Square Single Pole Parasols with LED lights AND Granite Base Stand. Please see below for a brief overview of each product.

Product Features:
Horizon 2.5m Square Single Pole Parasols with LED lights
– LED Lights in ribs with two rechargeable USB battery packs
– 8 pieces of square Aluminium Ribs (14×20 mm)
– Aluminium pole 48mm
– 2 piece pole with screw-in connector
– With crank handle
– Water Repellent
– Airvents
– Screw on End-Ribs
– Tie on Cover
– Cover : NOVASUN
– Powder Coating
– Protective Night Cover

Horizon 40kgs Standard Base Stand Granite
– Dark grey flamed colour
– Stainless Steel Tube (H 30cm, D 60mm). Suitable for parasol hole 38/48/58 mm.
– Trolley system
– Telescopic handle


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