Cosiburner Build Up inc Glass



Width: 70cm | Depth: 20cm | Height: 20cm

About this product


Don’t have one of our Cosi Fire Pit tables? Don’t worry, with our built up Cosiburner table top fire pit you can use your existing table and create the same look! Used with a 10kg propane gas canister easily available form reputable gas bottle suppliers or camping outlets, the Cosiburner table top is the cost effective way to update your outdoor table. All supplied in black and with the glass as pictured.

The Cosiburner is delivered including a 30 mBar regulator with gas hose, ceramic logs, lava stones and a battery to power the ignition.


  • Electronic Ignition that works with a battery.
  • Works with a 10KG propane gas bottle
  • 30 mBar regulator with gas hose
  • Lava Rocks


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