Cleaning & Protector Kit For Outdoor Fabric


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About this product


This outdoor fabric cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean sunbrella and la vita fabrics after a winter in the garden. This fabric garden furniture cleaner is a fast acting cleaning solution which will clean dirt and grime from all brands of all weather fabric including La Vita and Sunbrella. It is a water-based product that penetrates the surface to clean without harming your fabric. Ideal for removing tough stains whether fresh or dried in. This is the perfect way to prepare your garden furniture after a long winter outdoors so you are always ready to welcome guests .

The fabric protector is an easy to use spray that provides a tough long lasting stain resistant protective barrier whilst protecting fabrics from ultra violet fading caused by the sun. Repels dirt and keeps liquids from penetrating the surface of the fabric making spillages easier to mop up and clean.

How to use your cleaning kit:

Please use the solutions on your set only when it is dry. The fabric cleaner is to be used with a sponge and will remove any dirt or grime with scrubbing, once you have finished allow the fabric to dry. The fabric protector is to be sprayed on only when the fabric is dry and left to dry in a safe place out of the sun or rain.